Please join us in enjoying the fruits of our labor and in preserving the heritage and vineyards of Rutherford, in the historic heart of Napa Valley.

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Rutherford Dust Society hosts a number of tastings and community events throughout the year.


A true community, Rutherford Dust Society members are invited to join in a variety of social gatherings,
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Join Us for a Migratory Beekeeping Discussion at Frogs’ Leap Winery!

Don’t miss our upcoming discussion on Migratory Beekeeping, where we’ll offer the opportunity for local Napa County land owners, businesses, and citizens to ask questions and learn more about how migratory beekeeping can affect your local ecology and economy. Delve into the facts and science regarding hive density, pollinator health, and how your farming and land use decisions affect you and your community. This educational event will open up conversation in your region, so you can develop the knowledge and tools necessary to ensure your beekeeping endeavors are sustainable and responsible. 

Date & Time: November 7th, 2023, 5PM

Location: Frogs’ Leap Winery, Rutherford

Our esteemed panel of experts, committed to the science-based approach to beekeeping education, will lead the discussion: Joy Wesley, Rob Keller, Christine Kurtz, and Michael Thiele. In addition to our panel, we’re honored to have representatives from the Napa Agricultural Department and Napa Board of Supervisors in the audience. They’ll be there to learn and engage in the discussions, providing a unique opportunity to bridge the gap between beekeeping enthusiasts and local decision-makers. 

Who Should Attend:

• Farmers, ranchers, Napa County land owners, vineyard managers, residents of Napa County, aspiring and experienced beekeepers, pollinator advocates, and anyone looking to deepen their knowledge about pollinators and their habitat.

• Wineries who practice beekeeping or who are interested in continuing their journey in improving their farming practices.

• Members of environmental restoration organizations such as Napa Resource Conservation District (NRCD) and California 

Native Plant Society (CNPS) -Napa Chapter

• The Napa County Beekeepers Association (NCBA)

• Environmental enthusiasts keen on fostering pollinator friendly ecosystems.

Come prepared with your questions and engage with our panelists to gain valuable insights about your local area pollinators and how migratory beehives can affect your efforts for a healthy ecosystem in your region.

Let’s make a positive difference for our local pollinators and environment! Because we are greatly encouraging community members to attend, this event is FREE for all.